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Resureksyon (2015)

"Resureksyon" is a 2015 Filipino horror drama film starring Paulo Avelino, Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Isabelle Daza. This scary movie is one of Jasmine's not-so-good acting roles in Philippine movies.

Synopsis: Paulo Javier is placed in a fictional milieu a year backward from present time. Nothing has changed as many Filipinos, especially those “trapped” in the single-parenting norm, have trodden the diaspora path to find greener pastures for their families.

The arrival of the more than 800 Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in coffins will shake everyone’s rustic life and their parochial mindset. Part of the statistics is Mara, played by Isabelle Daza, who worked in a Serbian household in Myanmar. Wanting to get away from the vicious cycle of poverty, she left her maternal duties over son Migs (Raikko Matteo) to sister Aila (Jasmine Curtis-Smith). Mara’s “resurrection” from death will keep Paulo Javier on his toes, particularly when “all hell breaks loose,” as new director Alfonso “Borgy” Torre III describes the plot’s turning point, in which no one can turn back time and turn back on the present. The characters have no choice but to face their reality and an army of vampires head on.

Genre: Horror, Drama, Suspense

Regal Entertainment, Inc. and Reality Entertainment

Alfonso "Borgy" Torre III

John Lapus as Tito Baby
Raikko Mateo as Migs
Niño Muhlach as Mayor Diamante
Alex Castro as Ramil
Gee Canlas

Scary Movie!

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