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Bawat Sandali (2014)

"Bawat Sandali" is a 2014 Filipino romantic drama film starring Derek Ramsay, Angel Aquino, and Yul Servo. Derek and Angel showed real veteran acting skills in this movie and I definitely recommend this as a must-watch movie.

Synopsis: Two lonely people meet under unusual circumstances. Was it destiny or mere chance that brought them together? After their love affair ends in tragedy, the answer to that question would forever remain a mystery -- unsolved by the man and unresolved by the woman.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Studio5 Original Movies

Joel Lamangan
Eric Quizon

Supporting Cast:
Mon Confiado
Mylene Dizon
Perla Bautista
Julia Flores
Ruby Ruiz
Phillip Salvador

Nice Movie!

El Brujo (2015)

"El Brujo" is a 2015 Filipino action-drama film starring Gerald Anderson, Bangs Garcia, and Jake Cuenca. This movie is Gerald's attempt to enter the international scene. He definitely showed how he matured from the typical boy-next-door.

Synopsis: A young man raised in the mystical community in Banahaw seeks justice for the death of his father. He enters a world of vigilantes fighting a notorious drug lord, who happens to be behind his father's death. Now he must use his anting-anting to defeat him once and for all. But he is shocked to find out that his father's killer also possesses other-worldly powers. It's now a battle between two immortals, and may the bravest win.

Genre: Action, Drama

MovPix Productions, JM Productions

Tikoy Aguiluz

Very Nice Movie!

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