English Only, Please (2014)

"English Only, Please" is a 2014 MMFF romantic comedy film starring Jennylyn Mercado and Derek Ramsay. Both of them won the best actor and actress awards in the recent Metro Manila Film Festival.

Synopsis: Misery loves company—and two miserable people may eventually find love in each other. Case in point: the protagonists of English Only, Please. Julian Parker (played by Derek Ramsay) is a New Yorker business analyst who hires (through the Internet) a tutor who can teach him how to speak Tagalog fluently. He finds Tere Madlansacay (Jennylyn Mercado), a Bulakenya who teaches English to Korean students, among others. Julian pays Tere to translate, from English to Filipino, his hate-filled letter to his ex-girlfriend Megan (Isabel Oli). He is still hung up on his college sweetheart who, after graduation, returned home and met another man. He flies to Manila and learns Tagalog from Tere, so he can personally deliver and recite with feelings his letter to Megan. Tere herself is lovesick. She continues to see her ex-boyfriend Rico (Kean Cipriano) and lavishes him with expensive gifts in the hope of getting him back. It takes a while for Julian and Tere to break the ice. For starters, Julian is aloof and he can’t stand her tardiness. Tere, on the other hand, is perky and friendly, but she appears ditzy and unrefined. Realizing that they needed each other’s help—he, in stalking his ex at a cineplex; and she, in pouring out hurt feelings over her ex—Julian and Tere become friends and they start spending more time together.

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Studio: Heaven's Best Entertainment, Quantum Films

Director: Dan Villegas

Supporting Cast:
Isabel Oli
Tom Rodriguez
Kean Cipriano
Isabel Frial
Cai Cortez
Lynn Ynchausti-Cruz

Romantic Movie of the Year!

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