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Moron 5.2 The Transformation (2014)

"Moron 5.2 The Transformation" is a 2014 pinoy comedy film starring Luis Manzano, Billy Crawford, Marvin Agustin, DJ Durano, Matteo Guidicelli and John "Sweet" Lapus. This sequel to the movie, Moron 5 and the Crying Lady, revolves around half-witted longtime friends Albert (Luis Manzano), Isaac (Billy Crawford), Mozart “Mo” (DJ Durano), Michaelangelo “Mike” (Martin Escudero) and Aristotle “Aris” (Marvin Agustin) were used to living moronic yet pretty normal and hassle-free lives until successful careerwoman Beckie Pamintuan (John Lapus) accused them of killing her father and ruin everything for them. The Moron 5 are more than sure of their innocence but for the life of them, they can't find any single satisfactory argument on how to prove it especially when their opponent would do everything to punish them for whim. Spending three miserable years in prison trying different failed comedic attempts to get out, they finally figured a way to escape. They stalked Beckie and tried to understand why she's fighting so hard to have them imprisoned when it's clear as day that what happened three years ago was a nonsense frame-up. An opportunity came when Beckie's driver got fired for having an affair with her maid and Albert volunteered to apply to replace him. He infiltrated the Pamintuan Residence and together with his four crazily daft friends, they've gathered information about the curious family yet to them, it isn't making any sense at all especially Vecky's unexplained hatred to the five of them. Why is Beckie fighting so hard to have them suffer? The Moron 5 will try harder to know and hopefully understand what's really going on although little did they know that by doing so, everything that they hold dear might be at risk.

Genre: Comedy

Studio: Viva Films

Director: Wenn V. Deramas

Supporting Cast:
Joy Viado
Boom Labrusca
Nikki Valdez
Mylene Dizon
Danita Paner
Yam Concepcion

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Beauty In A Bottle (2014)

"Beauty In A Bottle" is a 2014 pinoy comedy film starring Angeline Quinto, Assunta De Rossi and Angelica Panganiban. This Filipino movie is about Judith (Angeline Quinto), Vilma (Assunta De Rossi), and Estelle (Angelica Panganiban) who are three women with different insecurities. Their lives intertwine when Vilma's advertising agency is looking for an endorser for a new beauty pill product called "Beauty in a Bottle." Little did they know, their lives will change when they finally accept what's inside the "Beauty in a Bottle."

Genre: Comedy

Studio: Skylight Films, Quantum Films

Director: Antoinette Jadaone

Supporting Cast:
Empress Schuck
Ellen Adarna
Cai Cortez
Carmi Martin
Nanette Inventor
Miko Raval
Tom Rodriguez
Nico Antonio
Buboy Garovillo
Dimples Romana
Bianca Manalo
Anna Luna
Vicki Belo
Cristalle Henares
Ricci Chan
Manny Paksiw

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T'yanak (2014)

"T'yanak" is a 2014 pinoy horror film starring Judy Ann Santos, Solenn Heussaff, Tom Rodriguez and Sid Lucero. This Filipino movie revolves around the story of Julie’s adopted baby who transforms into a monster and terrorizes their quiet town of Putting Bato with a series of brutal murders, including the wife of townsman who gets wrongly imprisoned for T’yanak’s crime.


RSVP Film Studios
Ruby's Arms Production Services
Central Digital Lab

Peque Gallaga
Lore Reyes

Horror Movie!

Dilim (2014)

"Dilim" is a 2014 pinoy suspense-horror film starring Nathalie Hart, Ella Cruz, Joross Gamboa, Rafael Rosell, Rayver Cruz and Kylie Padilla. This Filipino movie is about Maritess (Kylie Padilla), a nursing student who gets plagued in inexplicable nightmares since she started living in a haunted dormitory, she can talk and see ghosts. She enlists Emerson (Rayver Cruz) to unravel the mystery of the dormitory, but it does not unravel because it was not about the dormitory, it was about to help the two girls Mia (Ella Cruz) and Aya. She left the dormitory and live to be a bedspacer in Aling Payhan's House, but she was also dreaming about what she dreams in the dormitory. She reported to the police station about what Mia, Aya and Trina says about Quinito Castañeda(Rafael Rosell) and before what happened before Mia and Aya left, and Quinito gets mad and invite Emerson and Maritess using Danny (Joross Gamboa). They talk but it turn just like what happen to Mia and Aya. They were invited in the Resort and killed, and buried in the beach and sea but, Maritess was not killed, only Emerson, he was hit by a gun that Quinito holds. They were saved by Mia and Aya, so they were not buried.

Genre: Suspense, Horror

Studio: Regal Entertainment, Inc.

Director: Jose Javier Reyes

Supporting Cast:
Lui Manansala
Manny Castañeda
Alora Sasam
Ruby Ruiz
Dianne Medina
Kevin Santos
Rita De Guzman
Ynna Asistio
Kiko Estrada

Horror Movie!

The Janitor (2014)

"The Janitor" is a 2014 pinoy indie film starring Dennis Trillo, Richard Gomez, and Derek Ramsay. This Filipino movie is about the story of Crisanto Espina, an ex-cop dishonorably discharged because of a fatal mistake. Currently teaching at a security guard training school, Crisanto is tasked to liquidate the people who masterminded the robbery/massacre. As he diligently executes his orders while dealing with his own personal demons, he begins to realize that the whole circus of the investigation will eventually consume him and make him question his own brand of justice.

Genre: Drama

Studio: APT Entertainment and Cinemalaya

Director: Michael Tuviera

Supporting Cast:
Ricky Davao
Dante Rivero
Irma Adlawan
LJ Reyes
Raymond Bagatsing
Alex medina
Jerald Napoles
Nicco Manalo
Sunshine Garcia

Drama Movie!

The Trial (2014)

"The Trial" is a 2014 pinoy suspense-drama film starring John Lloyd Cruz, Richard Gomez, Gretchen Barretto, Jessy Mendiola, and Enrique Gil. This Filipino movie is about Ronald (John Lloyd Cruz), a young man who was born with a mild case of mental disability. The marriage of lawyer JULIAN (Richard Gomez) and developmental psychologist AMANDA (Gretchen Barretto) is already crumbling. Aggravated by the tragic death of their only son (Enrique Gil), their relationship now is beyond any chance of mending. That chance came when one day Julian and Amanda encounter a curious case. RONALD (John Lloyd Cruz), a person with intellectual disability (mild mental retardation), is accused of raping the niece of a renowned university head, BESSY (Jessy Mendiola). The already curious case becomes more intriguing when they learn that Ronald was their son’s best buddy. Through Ronald, Julian and Amanda will realize that the best way out in this intriguing case is for them to confront the painful truth about the real crime that has been affecting their lives.

Genre: Suspense, Drama

Studio: Star Cinema

Director: Chito S. Roño

Supporting Cast:
Sylvia Sanchez as Sampi Jimenez
Vincent De Jesus as Ronald Jimenez Sr.
Vivian Velez as Lallie Lapiral
Benjamin Alves as Paco Sequia
Isay Alvarez as Atty. Patricia Celis
Joy Viado as Dora
Mon Confiado as Borta
Nico Antonio as Paco's Friend
Gee Canlas as Megan
Luis Manansala as Mrs. Deputado

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