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The Breakup Playlist (2015)

"The Breakup Playlist" is a 2015 Filipino romantic drama film starring Piolo Pascual and Sarah Geronimo. This movie is quite different to other Star Cinema sweet flicks and quite frankly I'm impressed. This is Piolo and Sarah's first team up on the big screen.

Synopsis: What if you have a dream and that dream leads you to love? In Dan Villegas’ “The Breakup Playlist,” Trixie David (Sarah Geronimo), a law student (by her parent’s – especially her mother’s – choice) and hopeful musician, catches the attention of popular rock star Gino Avila (Piolo Pascual) during a music camp and invites her to be part of his band. Trixie and Gino’s connection through music soon develops into something more, and they fall in love. However, personal issues and ambition challenge Trixie and Gino’s love for each other. Will they be able to hold on to their love forever? Or will it, just like any song, end eventually?

Genre: Romance, Drama

Star Cinema, Viva Films

Dan Villegas

Supporting Cast:
Dennis Padilla
Rio Locsin
Badji Mortiz
Teddy Corpuz
Maris Racal
Anna Luna
Basti Artadi
Jett Pangan
Cris Villonco
Diego Loyzaga

Very Nice Movie!

Just The Way You Are (2015)

"Just The Way You Are" is a 2015 Filipino romantic comedy film starring Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano. Quite frankly, this movie is another addition to Star Cinema's many many sweet flicks with the same genre.

Synopsis: Drake Sison (Enrique Gil) is a boy who loves to win – so when he loses in a bet with friends, he’s determined to make up for it – through another one. He needs to make a girl fall in love with him in 30 days. But she’s not just any other girl, she’s Sophia Taylor (Liza Soberano), a nerdy transferee who isn’t into playing games. In the end, whose heart will be played? Who will win in this game of love?

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Star Cinema

Theodore Boborol

Supporting Cast:
Yayo Aguila
Alex Diaz
Jon Lucas
Chienna Filomeno
Marco Gumabao
Myrtle Sarrosa
Kyra Custodio
Miguel Vergara
Tonton Gutierrez
Sunshine Cruz
Yves Flores
Sue Ramirez
Erin Ocampo

Cute Movie!

Tragic Theater: The Exorcism of the Film Center (2015)

"Tragic Theater: The Exorcism of the Film Center" is a 2015 pinoy horror movie starring Christopher de Leon, John Estrada, and Andi Eigenmann. This scary flick's uncut trailer was twice given a "RATED X" rating by the MTRCB because according to them, it was “too scary”, effectively ruling it unfit for public exhibition — at least, on TV and cinema screens.

Synopsis: In February 1999, a group of spirit communicators attempted to exorcise the then-abandoned Manila Film Center of ghosts. These supernatural beings were believed to be those of the victims from a fatal accident during its hasty construction. Unknown to them, something had long ago taken sanctuary inside the building feeding on the anger and misery of the victims' souls. They learned this secret too late and walked into a horrifying encounter.

Genre: Horror

Viva Films

Tikoy Aguiluz

Supporting Cast:
Lander Vera Perez
Janna Victoria
Gabe Mercado
Roxanne Barcelo
Josh Padilla
Chloe Dauden
Jovic Monsod
Sara Polverini
Jourdaine Castillo
Sheng Belmonte
Carissa Quintas
Janna Roque
Arvic Rivero
Pio Balbuena
Clint Bondad
Orlando Sol
Gab de Leon

Scary Movie!

#Y (2014)

"#Y (“Hashtag Y”)" is a 2014 Pinoy Indie film starring Elmo Magalona, Coleen Garcia, Sophie Albert, Kit Thompson, Slater Young, and Chynna Ortaleza. This movie, which is distrubuted by Star Cinema, chronicles the adventures of the members of a generation made universal by the realms of social media, the internet, sex, drugs and alcohol, and the occasional YOLO.

Synopsis: Miles is a junior in college, living a seemingly normal life. But on the eve of his attempted suicide, a call from his best friend, to tell him about her latest sexcapade, eventually renders the attempt useless. As he goes through the musings of getting his life back together, we delve deep into his mind as well as that of his friends, giving us a glimpse of what it is like to be a millennial. And ultimately – through Miles – we find that being happy and having no right to be unhappy, are two completely different things.

Genre: Drama

Stained Glass Productions
Timeframe Media Production

Gino M. Santos

Supporting Cast:
Julz Savard
Apollo Abraham
Joyce Titular
Paco Evangelista

Drama Movie!

You're Still The One (2015)

"You're Still The One" is a 2015 pinoy romantic drama movie which marks the first team up of Dennis Trillo, Richard Yap, and Maja Salvador in the big screen. This is one of the most anticipated films this year.

Synopsis: Ellise (Maja Salvador), a tough-spirited college student, finds herself in the company of Jojo (Dennis Trillo) after settling their issues involving her grades. Jojo tries to woo Ellise, but she makes it clear to him that she is not looking for a boyfriend. Years later, Ellise learns something about Jojo and gets in touch with him. They meet and the spark between them ignites once more, but Ellise gets her heart broken when Jojo confesses to her that he’s already getting married to Racquel (Ellen Adarna). Jojo and Ellise decide to stay as friends, but deep inside they continue to build their feelings for each other. Ellise then becomes a lawyer and meets Vincent (Richard Yap), who eventually falls in love with her. In the end, Ellise must choose between the right love that came in the wrong time and the wrong love that came in the right time.

Genre: Romance, Drama

Star Cinema, Regal Films

Chris Martinez

Supporting Cast:
Ellen Adarna
Melai Cantiveros
Jason Francisco
Joshua Garcia
Snooky Serna
Lito Pimentel
Zsa Zsa Padilla
Joy Viado
Manuel Chua
Nicco Manalo
Frances Makil

Very Nice Movie!

Binhi (2015)

"Binhi (The Seed)" is a 2015 Filipino independent suspense horror movie starring Mercedes Cabral, Joem Bascon, and Kariz Espinosa. This pinoy movie is their first time with director Pedring Lopez.

Synopsis: Daniel and Cynthia, a young couple with a child on the way, experience some hard times in Manila. They head back to Baguio, where Daniel is originally from, to start over again. Through the kindness of Alex, Daniel’s well-to-do childhood friend, they get to stay in a large house, rent-free; and he gets a job offer as well.

Everything seems to be falling into place for them – or so they think – until strange things start to happen in their house.

Genre: Horror, Suspense

Viva Communications Inc., Haunted Tower Pictures, MFT Group, WELOVEPOST, BlackOps

Pedring Lopez

Supporting Cast:
Roxanne Barcelo
Cholo Barretto
Jef Gaitan
Akihiro Blanco

Scary Movie!

Para Sa Hopeless Romantic (2015)

"Para Sa Hopeless Romantic" is a 2015 Filipino teen romantic comedy which is based on the best-selling romantic novel of the same name by Marcelo Santos III. This pinoy movie stars James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Iñigo Pascual, and Julia Barretto.

Synopsis: Becca (Nadine Lustre) thought that she had everything she could wish for in her life, until Nikko (James Reid) broke up with her. Everything in her life starts to fall apart. To recover, she started writing a story about Ryan (Inigo Pascual), a boy who harbors a secret crush on his best friend Maria (Julia Barretto). But before he can tell her his real feelings for her, he got into an accident and fell into a coma. Can all four of them find the "happy ending" that each one of them has been hoping for?

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Star Cinema, Viva Films

Andoy L. Ranay

Supporting Cast:
AJ Muhlach
Shy Carlos
Jackie Lou Blanco
Teresa Loyzaga
Lander Vera Perez
Issa Pressman
Jake Castillo
Ms. Cherie Gil

Cute Movie!

Your Place or Mine? (2015)

"Your Place or Mine?" is a 2015 Filipino romantic comedy starring Andre Paras, Bret Jackson, and Andi Eigenmann. This marks the return of another wattpad best-selling novel turned big screen.

Synopsis: “Your Place Or Mine?” is about Haley Saavedra (Andi Eigenmann) who had a one night stand with playboy Russell Sandoval (Bret Jackson) after being betrayed and hurt by ex-boyfriend Vince (Jovic Monsod). Will Haley give in and give her heart to Russel? Or will the things that happened between her and Vince happen between her and Russel also? But what will happen if she finds out that she is already arranged to marry another guy and not the one she loves? What’s worse, what if Russell is also already engaged to someone?

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Viva Films

Joel Lamangan

Supporting Cast:
Jackie Lou Blanco
Christopher Roxas
Lander Vera Perez
Ashley Rivera
Luz Valdez
Jaime Pebanco
Jana Victoria
Anja Aguilar
Arkin Del Rosario
Donnalyn Bartolome
Jovic Monsod
Ian Batherson
Gerard Garcia
Imee Hart

Great Movie!

Posas (2012)

"Posas" is a 2012 Filipino action drama movie starring Nico Antonio and Bangs Garcia. It talks about Corruption in it's basic and ugly form since the year 1920.

Plot: Corruption is a process. Jestoni “Jess” Biag, early 20s, is a notorious snatcher victimizing people in bustling streets around Quiapo Church. As a routine, he steals wallets, gadgets and jewelries, which he will trade for a meager amount of peso---enough for him to survive and to support his family. Today, Jess will be captured by the police for snatching a cellphone of a call center agent, Ma. Grace Rosuello (Bangs Garcia). It’s his first time to undergo investigation. And as he goes in the process from Barangay Hall Clinic, Police Station to the Fiscal’s Office, we will witness how human rights violation bluntly executes, and how culture of corruption deviously perpetuates in this chain of institutions. In the end, despite the fact of proving Jess as guilty of committing theft, he will still get his freedom. But this freedom shackled him to a cycle upholding the predicament of his life.

Genre: Drama, Action

Quantum Films

Lawrence Fajardo

Supporting Cast:
John “Sweet” Lapus as complainant
Art Acuña as Inspector Domingo
Nor Domingo as PO1 Damian
Jake Macapagal as SPO1 Santiago
Wendy Valdez as Idang
Susan Africa as Ester
Philip Nolasco as Tantan

Indie Film!

Kid Kulafu (2015)

"Kid Kulafu" is a 2015 Filipino drama movie about the life of Emmanuel "Manny" Pacquiao before he became one of the best boxers of all time. Portraying him is young actor Buboy Villar. Also starring in this movie are veteran actors Cesar Montano and Alessandra de Rossi.

Plot: This film explores the untold truth, the hidden mysteries, and the humble beginnings of one of the greatest boxers of all time - Emmanuel "Manny" Pacquiao. It is a prequel to his life before he conquered the world.

Genre: Drama, Biopic

Star Cinema
Ten17 Productions

Paul Soriano

Supporting Cast:
Alex Medina
Jake Macapagal
Khalil Ramos

Pacquiao Movie!

You’re My Boss (2015)

"You’re My Boss" is a 2015 Filipino romantic comedy which marks the first movie teamup of Toni Gonzaga and Coco Martin. In an interview with Toni, she confirmed that she was the one who personally chose Coco to be his leading man.

Synopsis: This movie centers on a smart and bossy airline company executive named Georgina (Toni Gonzaga) who will do everything to close an important deal with foreign investors. They, however, wouldn’t negotiate with anyone in their company save for their big boss, who’s on leave. In a desperate attempt to win them over, she introduces her assistant Pong (Coco Martin) as the president, and thus begins the pretense that will lead them to discover what’s real and lovable about each other.

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Star Cinema

Antoinette Jadaone

Supporting Cast:
Gloria Sevilla
Noel Trinidad
Freddie Webb
Pepe Herrera
Deniese Aguilar
Via Antonio

Rom-Com Movie!

Crazy Beautiful You (2015)

"Crazy Beautiful You" is a 2015 Filipino romantic comedy with a touch of drama film starring Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. This marks the return of the lovable loveteam of Kathniel on the big screen. This pinoy movie was another box office hit reaching 300 million pesos as of March 9.

Synopsis: Sometimes, though we don’t expect to find love, it’s the one that finds us. In “Crazy Beautiful You,” we are introduced to Jackie (Kathryn Bernardo), whose rebellious spirit forces her mother (Lorna Tolentino) to take her in a medical mission in Tarlac in hopes that she’d turn for the better. There, Jackie meets a jolly lad named Kiko (Daniel Padilla), who will make sure she gets all her tasks done. In the middle of his mission, he and Jackie will discover something crazy… and beautiful. Directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar (“She’s the One,” “Bride for Rent,” “Past Tense”), “Crazy Beautiful You” also stars Gabby Concepcion and Iñigo Pascual.

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Star Cinema

Mae Czarina Cruz-Alviar

Supporting Cast:
Lorna Tolentino as Dra. Lea Serrano, Jackie's mother
Gabby Concepcion as Mayor Ito Alcantara, Kiko's father
Iñigo Pascual as Marcus Alcantara
Dante Ponce as Arthur 'Art' Serrano
Cacai Bautista
Bryan Santos as John Serrano
Hyubs Azarcon
Kiray Celis as Julie
Neil Coleta
Thou Reyes
Menggie Cobarrubias
JM Ibañez as Tintoy, Kiko's younger brother
Andrea Brillantes as Nene
Inah Estrada as Lea's husband's daughter
Loisa Andalio as Lea's husband's daughter
Dominic Roque
Chienna Filomeno
Tippy Dos Santos as Marcus' older sister
Cheska Iñigo as Ellen
Assunta De Rossi as Carmela Velasco

Romantic Movie!

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Maria, Leonora, Teresa

The Gifted

Somebody To Love

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