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Kid Kulafu (2015)

"Kid Kulafu" is a 2015 Filipino drama movie about the life of Emmanuel "Manny" Pacquiao before he became one of the best boxers of all time. Portraying him is young actor Buboy Villar. Also starring in this movie are veteran actors Cesar Montano and Alessandra de Rossi.

Plot: This film explores the untold truth, the hidden mysteries, and the humble beginnings of one of the greatest boxers of all time - Emmanuel "Manny" Pacquiao. It is a prequel to his life before he conquered the world.

Genre: Drama, Biopic

Star Cinema
Ten17 Productions

Paul Soriano

Supporting Cast:
Alex Medina
Jake Macapagal
Khalil Ramos

Pacquiao Movie!

You’re My Boss (2015)

"You’re My Boss" is a 2015 Filipino romantic comedy which marks the first movie teamup of Toni Gonzaga and Coco Martin. In an interview with Toni, she confirmed that she was the one who personally chose Coco to be his leading man.

Synopsis: This movie centers on a smart and bossy airline company executive named Georgina (Toni Gonzaga) who will do everything to close an important deal with foreign investors. They, however, wouldn’t negotiate with anyone in their company save for their big boss, who’s on leave. In a desperate attempt to win them over, she introduces her assistant Pong (Coco Martin) as the president, and thus begins the pretense that will lead them to discover what’s real and lovable about each other.

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Star Cinema

Antoinette Jadaone

Supporting Cast:
Gloria Sevilla
Noel Trinidad
Freddie Webb
Pepe Herrera
Deniese Aguilar
Via Antonio

Rom-Com Movie!

Crazy Beautiful You (2015)

"Crazy Beautiful You" is a 2015 Filipino romantic comedy with a touch of drama film starring Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. This marks the return of the lovable loveteam of Kathniel on the big screen. This pinoy movie was another box office hit reaching 300 million pesos as of March 9.

Synopsis: Sometimes, though we don’t expect to find love, it’s the one that finds us. In “Crazy Beautiful You,” we are introduced to Jackie (Kathryn Bernardo), whose rebellious spirit forces her mother (Lorna Tolentino) to take her in a medical mission in Tarlac in hopes that she’d turn for the better. There, Jackie meets a jolly lad named Kiko (Daniel Padilla), who will make sure she gets all her tasks done. In the middle of his mission, he and Jackie will discover something crazy… and beautiful. Directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar (“She’s the One,” “Bride for Rent,” “Past Tense”), “Crazy Beautiful You” also stars Gabby Concepcion and Iñigo Pascual.

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Star Cinema

Mae Czarina Cruz-Alviar

Supporting Cast:
Lorna Tolentino as Dra. Lea Serrano, Jackie's mother
Gabby Concepcion as Mayor Ito Alcantara, Kiko's father
Iñigo Pascual as Marcus Alcantara
Dante Ponce as Arthur 'Art' Serrano
Cacai Bautista
Bryan Santos as John Serrano
Hyubs Azarcon
Kiray Celis as Julie
Neil Coleta
Thou Reyes
Menggie Cobarrubias
JM Ibañez as Tintoy, Kiko's younger brother
Andrea Brillantes as Nene
Inah Estrada as Lea's husband's daughter
Loisa Andalio as Lea's husband's daughter
Dominic Roque
Chienna Filomeno
Tippy Dos Santos as Marcus' older sister
Cheska Iñigo as Ellen
Assunta De Rossi as Carmela Velasco

Romantic Movie!

That Thing Called Tadhana (2015)

"That Thing Called Tadhana" is a 2015 Filipino romantic comedy film starring Angelica Panganiban and JM de Guzman. This official entry to the 2015 Cinema One Originals is for me a similar version of the American movie "Before Sunrise". With both main characters starting a conversion about life and eventually about love.

Synopsis: “That Thing Called Tadhana,” a romance-comedy in the tradition of "Before Sunrise" is what Antoinette Jadaone has created. The films asks the questions “Where do broken hearts go?” and tells the story of a woman, struggling to meet airline baggage requirements, who meets a man who comes to her aid. Both in despair out of love, they form a charming friendship that will take them to Sagada in their attempts to mend each other’s hearts.

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Star Cinema

Antoinette Jadaone

2014 Cinema One Originals Film Festival
Best Actress: Angelica Panganiban (won)
Audience Choice (won)
Champion Bughaw Award for Full-length Feature (won)
Best Picture (nominated)

13th Gawad Tanglaw Awards
Best Actress: Angelica Panganiban (tied with Nora Aunor) (won)

2014 Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature
Best Screenplay: Antoinette Jadaone (3rd place)

Nice Movie!

Gangster Lolo (2014)

"Gangster Lolo" is a 2014 Filipino comedy film starring Leo Martinez, Bembol Roco, Pen Medina, Soxie Topacio and Rez Cortez. This pinoy movie brings back a lost art in Philippine movies. Action movies doesn't "click" nowadays and we only see them on MMFF or Christmas season. It will never come close to becoming a box office hit but for me, this is a welcoming touch.

Synopsis: In Gangster Lolo, moviegoers will get to meet Asiong Salonpas and his band of "senior citizen" criminals. They go about their lucrative criminal activities by staging successful holdup robberies in the metropolis. Their nefarious business is well-funded by Bogart and Jim.

Genre: Action, Comedy

Cosmic Raven Ventures, Philippine Motion Picture Directors Association

William G. Mayo

Supporting Cast:
Isabel Granada
Janice Jurado
Boy Alano
Archie Adamos
Richard Quan
Pamela Ortiz
Eliza Rivera
Regine Mendieta
Rylan Flores
Hero Bautista
Amay Bisaya
Vincent Daffalong
Dinky Doo
Leon Miguel
Stephanie Mananquil
Ghen Gabriel
Margaux Montano
Jess Sanchez
Robert Miller
Allan Ortega
Ramon Ramos
Telly Babasa

Laugh-Out-Loud Movie!

Halik Sa Hangin (2015)

"Halik Sa Hangin" is a 2015 Star Cinema romantic horror film starring Gerald Anderson, Julia Montes, and JC De Vera. This pinoy movie is a touch of breath air. It is far from movies being shown nowadays which is always a romantic comedy. This love story with a twist marks the first team up of the three main cast.

Synopsis: A tragic incident forces Mia (Julia Montes) to live with her estranged mother (Ina Raymundo) and her new family in Baguio. Though Mia meets new friends – including the dependable gentleman Alvin (JC de Vera) who has nursed special feelings for her – she still couldn’t shake off the loneliness. That’s until she chances upon Gio (Gerald Anderson) during a party. His adventurous and passionate spirit enchants her. Yet there is more to him than what he shows her. In the end, what will Mia do when the truth is revealed? Who will she choose between Alvin and Gio? What will she discover about true love?

Genre: Horror, Romance

Star Cinema

Emmanuel Quindo Palo

Supporting Cast:
Edu Manzano
Ina Raymundo
Yayo Aguila
Ricardo Cepeda
Melissa Mendez
Tony Mabesa
Rustica Carpio
Jet Pangan
JC Movido
Miguel Vergara
Miles Ocampo
Devon Seron
Minnie Aguilar
Markki Stroem
Fifth Solomon
Fourth Solomon
Alex Diaz
Miko Raval
Maris Racal
Buboy Garovillo
Jasmine Curtis-Smith

Scary Movie!

Edsa Woolworth (2015)

"Edsa Woolworth" is a 2015 Star Cinema drama comedy film starring Pokwang. This pinoy movie touched the hearts of many Filipinos who watched it. Pokwang really suits the role of an OFW mother. She captures the role and makes it her own. If you loved her in "A Mother's Story", then you'll definitely love this one.

Synopsis: “Edsa Woolworth” is Pokwang’s second The Filipino Channel-produced movie following “A Mother’s Story,” which were both directed by John-D. She plays the title character, the eldest in the family whose patriarch struggles with Alzheimer’s disease. How much is she willing to sacrifice to keep her family together? Will she give herself a shot at finding true love?

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Star Cinema
ABS-CBN International

John-D Lazatin

Supporting Cast:
Ricci Chan
Steven Spohn
Lee O'Brian
Lee Robin Salazar
Prince Saruhan
Princess Ryan

Heart-Warming Movie!

Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo (2014)

"Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo" is a 2014 MMFF historical action film starring Robin Padilla as he portrays Andres Bonifacio. This movie won Best Picture in the 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival and inspite of that, it still manage to garner 8 more awards.

Synopsis: Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo is a historical action epic that brings to light the powerful, true-to-life drama of Filipino revolutionary Andres Bonifacio (Robin Padilla)—one of our country’s national heroes—with his virtues and humanity, unfolding through the eyes of a young man (Daniel Padilla) in this day and age.The true story of Andres Bonifacio, a man who rose as a leader in the fight against the Spanish oppressors, and would gain the enmity of even those fighting for the same cause.

Genre: Action, Drama

Studio: Philippians Productions Inc., Tuko Film Productions, Buchi Boy Films

Director: Enzo Williams

Supporting Cast:
Vina Morales
Daniel Padilla
Eddie Garcia
Jasmine Curtis Smith
RJ Padilla
Cholo Barretto
Jun Quintana
Joem Bascon
Isabel Oli
Richard Quan
Ping Medina
Vice Mayor Isko Moreno
Rommel Padilla
Dennis Marasigan
Jericho Rosales

Amazing Movie!

MM.357 (2014)

"MM.357" is a 2014 MMFF action film starring Jeorge Estregan and Sam Pinto. This is at most, a boring movie. It did not do well in the 2014 Metro Manila Film Fest.

Synopsis: "MM.357" is a remake of the 1986 film "Muslim Magnum 357" that starred Fernando Poe Jr. and Eddie Garcia. It is about a veteran police agent Lt. Jamal (Jeorge Estregan) who was tasked to find Muslim Princess Ameerah (Sam Pinto), who was kidnapped by a notorious syndicate. Will Lt. Jamal be able to find her and stop the syndicate's operations?

Genre: Action, Drama

Studio: Scenema Concept International, Viva Films

Director: Jun Posadas

Supporting Cast:
Gwen Zamora
John Regala
Efren Reyes Jr.
Roi Vinzon
Rey Langit
Lou Veloso
Leo Martinez
Jericho Estregan

Part 1 | Part 2

Shake, Rattle & Roll XV (2014)

"Shake, Rattle & Roll XV" is a 2014 MMFF fantasy horror film starring Erich Gonzales, JC De Vera, Dennis Trillo, Carla Abellana, Lovi Poe, and Matteo Guidicelli. This movie opened at 6th place in the box office out of the eight films in the 40th Metro Manila Film Festival.

"Ahas" Synopsis: Sandra/Sarah (Erich Gonzales) portray the mythical twin snake of Alegria Mall/Shopping Mall.

"Ulam" Synopsis: In this segment of the horror anthology, a family is being fed by their yaya with delicious dishes that soon turns them into horrible monsters. This episode starring Carla Abellana and Dennis Trillo.

"Flight 666" Synopsis: A hijacker (Bernard Palanca) terrorizes the passengers of Flight 666. Amidst the chaos, a passenger gives birth to a "tiyanak" (a monstrous creature from Philippine mythology) that soon attacks the rest of the people inside the aircraft one by one. Flight stewardess Karen (Lovi Poe), who has a relationship with Dave (Matteo Guidicelli), together with the help of co-pilot Bryan (Daniel Matsunaga), must save them from this horrifying trip to Hell.

Genre: Horror

Studio: Regal Entertainment, Inc.

Directors: "Ahas" - Dondon Santos, "Ulam"- Jerrold Tarog, "Flight 666" - Percival M. Intalan

Supporting Cast:
Ahas: John Lapus, Ariel Rivera, Alice Dixson, Giselle Canlas, Jason Francisco, Melai Cantiveros

Ulam: Chanda Romero, John Lapus, Perla Bautista, Kryshee Frencheska Grengria

Flight 666: Daniel Matsunaga, Bernard Palanca, Kim Atienza, John Lapus, Khalil Ramos, Kiray Celis, Bentong, Betong Sumaya, Nathalie Hart, IC Mendoza, Yael Yuzon, Ria Garcia, John Spainhour, Ken Alfonso, Rocky Salumbides, Arlene Muhlach, Joy Viado, Sue Pardo

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2 (2014)

"Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2" is a 2014 MMFF fantasy horror film starring Dingdong Dantes, Isabelle Daza, Joey Marquez, KC Montero, Lotlot de Leon, and Ms. Elizabeth Oropesa. This movie won the 3rd Best Picture in the recently concluded 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival. It the also the sequel to the 2012 film "Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles".

Synopsis: After defeating the Tiktiks in Pulupandan, Makoy returns to Manila, along with Sonia, Nestor, and other survivors of the fight. But along the way, Kubots (hairy bat-like creatures) ambush their jeep and kill Sonia, an act of retribution to avenge the death of the Tiktiks. Makoy also loses an arm in the accident. 2 years later, Nestor, with nowhere to go and no one to live with, lives in Manila with the now-hopeless Makoy. But hope is still there.

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Action, Comedy

Studio: GMA Films, Agostodos Pictures

Director: Erik Matti

Supporting Cast:
Julie Anne-San Jose
Ramon Bautista
Bogart The Explorer
Rina Reyes
Jun Sabayton
Hannah Ledesma
Mona Louise Rey
Alonzo Muhlach

Nice Movie!

English Only, Please (2014)

"English Only, Please" is a 2014 MMFF romantic comedy film starring Jennylyn Mercado and Derek Ramsay. Both of them won the best actor and actress awards in the recent Metro Manila Film Festival.

Synopsis: Misery loves company—and two miserable people may eventually find love in each other. Case in point: the protagonists of English Only, Please. Julian Parker (played by Derek Ramsay) is a New Yorker business analyst who hires (through the Internet) a tutor who can teach him how to speak Tagalog fluently. He finds Tere Madlansacay (Jennylyn Mercado), a Bulakenya who teaches English to Korean students, among others. Julian pays Tere to translate, from English to Filipino, his hate-filled letter to his ex-girlfriend Megan (Isabel Oli). He is still hung up on his college sweetheart who, after graduation, returned home and met another man. He flies to Manila and learns Tagalog from Tere, so he can personally deliver and recite with feelings his letter to Megan. Tere herself is lovesick. She continues to see her ex-boyfriend Rico (Kean Cipriano) and lavishes him with expensive gifts in the hope of getting him back. It takes a while for Julian and Tere to break the ice. For starters, Julian is aloof and he can’t stand her tardiness. Tere, on the other hand, is perky and friendly, but she appears ditzy and unrefined. Realizing that they needed each other’s help—he, in stalking his ex at a cineplex; and she, in pouring out hurt feelings over her ex—Julian and Tere become friends and they start spending more time together.

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Studio: Heaven's Best Entertainment, Quantum Films

Director: Dan Villegas

Supporting Cast:
Isabel Oli
Tom Rodriguez
Kean Cipriano
Isabel Frial
Cai Cortez
Lynn Ynchausti-Cruz

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